Guns kill? Help us to guard them!

From the press and TV we constantly hear stories about „how guns kill“ or „guns cause violence“ and other very similar claims.

Based on this bad experience with firearms the MujGLOCK site have decided to purchase a standard GLOCK 19 and leave it under permanent camera monitoring.

Of course, the possibilities of an individual are pretty much limited and it lies beyond the power of a single man to guard this firearm alone. The firearm could take advantage of any distraction and commit a crime. Therefore, we encourage all of you to assist and help us to watch and guard this firearm. Let us take advantage of the power of the internet and guard it together! This way we will create the opportunity to see if this weapon will cause any kind of violence or harm.

In case you will uncover any signs of violence, do not hesitate to contact us via email!

Online broadcast:
(the picture refreshes every 10 seconds)

camera image

Total users guarding:

In case you are getting bored, try to read following document:
Myths and fact about firearms

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